New Phase, New Name

After three years of building up, we have come to a new phase. From the old name NovuTierra (New Earth) we change to the name Irum. Irum means Friendship in the Guarani language. The Guarani lived on our land for hundreds of years. They knew how to live in harmony with the land.

For the last three years we were in an intensive building phase. After living for two years in tents, we now have some comfortable and heated rooms. We have a beautiful kitchen, restaurant and there is a functioning infrastructure (electricity, drinking water, gray water sytem, etc). The new shower is almost ready!

Arriving at this point, we are very happy to invite you for our first big event. This event is the New Years Retreat (21th of December till 21th of January). In this retreat we give people the chance to experience life in a spiritual ecological commune. For more information click here.

In addition to this retreat we are planning various events close to Montevideo. If you wish to stay updated, click here to sign in for our newsletter.