New Years Retreat (21-12-2018 till 21-01-2019)

The New Years Retreat is a one month retreat where you can get a taste of living in a spiritual ecological commune.
There is a daily open program from morning to evening. The program introduces you into all the aspects of living in a spiritual ecological commune. You can join daily meditations, workshops and there will be many opportunities to work together in various projects. Also there is the possibility to enjoy the nature via organized walks and guided horse riding tours. You are free to enjoy swimming in one of the two rivers surrounding our property. Click here for more information.

Every weekend we organize a weekend workshop with a special theme. See below for the descriptions of all the weekend workshops.

Please note that it is not obligatory to stay the whole month. You can apply for any time period that you wish for.


21 – 23 December 2018Emotional Healing Workshop

In the emotional healing workshop we discover our emotional world. Everybody carries different emotions which are stored in the subconscious. These stored emotions create on the mental level negative thoughts, on the feeling level negative emotions and on the physical level illness and energy blockades. In the workshops we create a safe atmosphere where we can welcome the stored and repressed emotions. By allowing certain emotions to come up there is a healing effect. The energy can flow freely again through the body, the feelings turn more positive and the mind becomes more clear.

We use various methods to bring up the emotions like the Aum meditation, holotropic breathing meditation and various healing expression methods. We have a trained team with many years of experience. They guide you trough the healing process.

26 December 1 JanuaryNew Year’s Festival

This period is celebrated with many friends coming from all over the world. We invite everybody who likes to join us to come and celebrate together. We will do many creative workshops like dancing, singing, painting and more. Also there will be meditations and various tibetan tantra sessions. On the New Year’s eve there will be a big celebration with live music and much more.

4 – 6 January – Tibetan Tantra Workshop

Tibetan Tantra is an ancient method which was passed on to Venus around the year 1989 in India.
Venus has been sharing this method since many years and it has become a true work of art. It is a very strong technique to discover the bliss body inside and to give healing impulses to the organs. And it is a very strong technique to have experience of meditation, to experience the silence beyond the mind. To participate is very easy for anybody.

1113 January – Introduction workshop into yoga and massage

In this weekend the focus is on love and care for our bodies. Anand introduces you into hatha yoga, which is a slow yoga which takes you into meditation. The massage techniques introduced to you will be a mixture of classic massage and thai massage. The combination of yoga and massage in a healthy surrounding gives you a deeply relaxing healing time. You can experience ones more a deep loving connection with your own body.

18 – 20 January – Creativity workshops

This weekend is designed to awaken your original creativity. Like a child, innocently you will be discovering the different expressions of your inner being. In total freedom you use your voice to sing, your hands to paint and your body to dance. We use different methods to support you in this workshop. Methods like improvisational dance and the Free Your Voice method will be playfully introduced to you to awaken your original creativity.

25 – 27 January – Healing of the inner child workshop

The Inner Child Weekend is a workshop in which the different facets of the inner child are discovered. Everybody carries an inner child inside of them. Most people are not aware of the inner child. This inner child still has a daily influence on our decisions we make. The way we deal with our friends, family, colleagues and the way we make decisions is influenced by our inner child. As we become aware of the inner child, we learn more about why we act the way we do. The awareness of the inner child gives the possibility to make different choices in life. This creates a new freedom and a joyfulness can arise.

We have a team of people who have years of experience in guiding this process. This creates a safe atmosphere in which people can open up to what is happening inside.

1 – 3 February – Intensive Osho Meditation Workshop

According to the Dalai Lama, the mystic Osho was the Buddha of the century. Our community daily practices various Osho meditations. In this weekend you come to know many of the meditations Osho has designed, such as:

– Kundalini
– Dynamic
– Gourishankar
– Devavani
– Mystic Rose
– Chakra Respiración, Chakra Sonidos, Chakra Overtones
– Nadabrahma
– Sufi Breathing
– Nataraj

By participating you can get an experience of pure awareness, pure being beyond thoughts. We will practice various techniques which were used in the Ashram around Osho when he was still alive. These meditation techniques were designed by Osho to give you an opportunity discover your true nature beyond the mind.



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