Eye Reading, Classic Massage & Tibetan Pulsing

We offer private sessions in the following. These sessions can be included in the plan according to your wishes.

  • Tibetan Pulsing
    Tibetan Pulsing is a body oriented meditation technique. The technique stimulates certain body points which lead to a healing and regenerating effect on the body. 
  • Classic Massage
    We have a few excellent masseurs who very happy to let their hands care for your body.
  • Eye Reading
    The eye reading is connected to the Tibetan Pulsing. By reading the eyes one can see specific qualities of your essential being. 
  • Tibetan Bowl & Gong Massage
    A special massage with the healing effects of the Tibetan bowls and a symphonic gong.
  • 4 – Hands Massage
    Krishna and Anand have given countless massages together and their 4 – hands bring you into paradise 😉 
  • Non Violent Communication for Couples
    This method is designed to bring friends and lovers together during difficult points in their relating. Supported by a facilitator you start to recognize what stands between you and the other. Once learned the method can be applied afterwards whenever and with whomever you like. 
  • Inner Child Session
    The therapist takes you into a healing regression session. This can give healing to old emotional & psychological wounds. You learn to listen to your own inner child and to give him/her the support and comfort that you always wished for.
  • Music Class, Various Instrument
    Various commune members have skills in instruments like koto, monochord, Tibetan bowls, piano, guitar, bass-guitar, drums and more. During your time here, you can get an introduction on to any of these instruments.