An impression of our location

We are living in a unique country: Uruguay! Uruguay has the sun in the national flag. The sun and also the people are warm and welcoming. We feel at home in this country. It is more peaceful, laid back, less profit-oriented and the people are more authentic. There is still a vast nature far away from the cities. In this vast, open natural setting we live. The closest city is called Treinta y Tres, which is at a one-hour driving distance.

Our property is situated next to the national park of Uruguay. There are a lot of (wild) animals. On the land there are horses, birds of prey, cows, sheep, cats, chickens, lagarto’s (mini crocodiles), armadillo’s, rhea’s, carpincho’s, skunks, snakes, foxes and many more! There are beautiful rivers and waterfalls where you can swim in. In the national park there is an ancient forest which you can visit. The natural park is reachable by bicycle (30 min) or car (10 min). There are possibilities for taking guided walks and guided horse riding tours.