An impression of our living room

At present we offer the possibility to stay on our camping ground. You will have to bring your own tent or caravan. We plan to build guesthouses soon.

There are showers, toilets and a room for common use.

There is the possibility to use (limited) internet.

There is the possibility to use (limited) electricity to recharge laptops, phones etc.

The kitchen provides three delicious meals a day. We put a high value on good food. As far as possible we use organic ingredients for the preparation of meals. We love to support the organic farmers in the neighborhood. There is the possibility to choose the vegetarian menu. We have our own cow and chickens which provide delicious milk and eggs. From the garden come wonderful fresh vegetables and fruits. We make our own yogurt, cheese;  we bake our own bread and many things more.

Travel Info:
In our experience flight tickets are substantially cheaper if booked two months in advance. The most practical is to fly to Montevideo. There you board a bus to Tres Cruces. From there you take a bus to Treinta y Tres. There we will pick you up.