An impression of our daily activities

The daily program is designed to enable experience of all aspects of living in a spiritual ecological commune. The program is open and according to your wishes. 

  • 8.00 Guided Meditation / Yoga
    We practice daily different kinds of meditations. You can join us whenever you like. You will be introduced to various meditation techniques. There is no experience needed. The various kinds of meditations are:

    • Silent Sitting (in Nature)
    • Osho Active Meditations
    • (Live) Music Meditation
    • Vipassana Walking
    • Atisha’s Heart Meditation
    • Dance Meditations
    • Breathing Meditations

    The guided yoga is a form of hatha yoga. This means it is a slow and meditative yoga. The postures are easy and it is possible for anybody to join. No experience is needed.

  • 9.00 Breakfast

  • 10.00 Meditation in Action
    This is the most challenging meditation we have to offer ;-). You are doing a simple job like working in the garden, cutting vegetables, doing the dishes, chopping wood, etc. There are people speaking to you, your body is moving, many practical thoughts appear, and in the midst of this you stay aware of the breathing. At the same time you get an experience of the many daily tasks that happen in a commune. In this way you can support the commune greatly by doing a simple job for an hour.

  • 12.00 Guided Meditation
    (See 8.00 o’clock description.)

  • 13.00 Lunch + Siesta

  • 16.00 Workshop
    The workshops are designed to give you a direct experience of the subject presented. There will be always be a short theoretic introduction and then we move into the experience by doing it. We offer a wide variety of workshops To read more about the different subjects of the workshops click here.
  • 19.30 Dinner

  • 21.00 Evening Program
    The evening program is every day different. Examples of the evening program are:

    • Moonlight Meditation
    • Massage Workshop
    • Singing Event
    • Dance Workshop
    • Gourishankar Meditation
    • Movie Night

    Besides the daily program there is the possibility to book various individual sessions. Click here to read more about the these sessions.


Please note: the program may vary according to different circumstances like the weather, excursions and so on.