Pan & Lalla

Vision & Guidance

The vision is simple. We wish to become balanced individuals who can live in harmony with friends and nature.

To live in a balanced way is an individual quest. A balance happens when love and awareness expand. We combine the path of love and the path of meditation. Some individuals are more attracted to the path of love, while others are more inclined to the path of meditation. In this quest we are inspired and guided by our spiritual friends Pan and Lalla.

Pan became an Osho-sannyasin in 1975 and met him one year later when he was 24 years old. From that moment on he dedicated his life to expand in compassion. Lalla became an Osho-sannyasin in 1988 in Pune, India. Since 2001 she lives and shares life in closeness with Pan. Together they are guiding many friends on the spiritual path. Pan and Lalla will visit us again in the European winter of 2019. We are grateful for their ongoing support. If you want to read more about them visit their website:

Commune Vision
For us a commune is a school, where we can learn to grow in love and understanding towards ourselves and others. A spiritual commune is a school for inner growth. A commune is like a mirror. This mirror shows you all your talents and growing points. For us it is a way of living, to support each other and to live closely connected with friends.

Around many great masters there was a commune. Around the Buddha, Meher Baba, Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Neem Karoli Baba, Osho, there arose a commune which went with them wherever they would travel. In different spiritual traditions a commune is also called the Sangha, ashram or mystery school. As individuals we live(d) for many years around Pan and Lalla. They show us the art of living closely together; the art of bridging differences between people; the art of becoming friends and lovers; the art of living a joyful live.

To live in a spiritual commune is beautiful because there is an immense support of your friends who wish to develop in the same direction of inner well being. Life in a commune is adventurous, spontaneous and full of amusing happenings! In a spiritual commune the members learn to love, to communicate, to care, to reflect and to free themselves from limitations. Together we discover what real friendship means.                                                     

Ecological Vision
There are many ecological disasters all over the planet, including industrial agriculture and conventional building technology. We are part of the growing alternative planetary movement that cares for the earth and for the humans that walk upon it. We have deliberately chosen for a degenerated, overgrazed area in order to regenerate it. We wish to give something back to mother earth, to balance all that we have received from her.

To be ecological for us means to take the full responsibility in how we use the resources of mother earth. This responsibility expresses in all practical aspects of living: the way we grow our food, treat our animals, build our buildings, etc. We attempt to do this in the most loving and sustainable way possible.

We use innovative technology such as solar energy to leave a smaller footprint on the planet. We grow part of our own food and we have cows and chickens. We are building with natural building materials, using earth to build walls, straw to make roofs and so on. We created a number of ponds and little lakes with thousands of inhabitants. We have planted hundreds of treas and the soil is improving every year. There are more and more birds living on our land and the wildlife is flourishing. Yet we have many steps to go on this path. It is an immense learning to build up an Eco village in the middle of nowhere.