The permanent residents

Who are we?
Retreat Center Irum is a spiritual ecological commune based on meditation. We are a group of friends from different social and religious backgrounds. We share the same desire. This desire is to expand in love, to live a joyful life with an inner clarity. The people that live here are part of an international circle of friends. This community is spread over Europe and South America. Click here to read more about us on the page Vision & Guidance!

What does the word Irum mean?
The word Irum means friendship. For us friendship is the highest value. Friendship can only happen in the presence of trust between humans. Since eighteen years we live together in different communes with people from different social and religious backgrounds. We experience friendship beyond the old concepts which have separated people in the past.

How did Retreat Center Irum start?
In the year 2000 Pan founded a spiritual commune in Germany where he is still living with a group of friends. In the year 2013 there arose the wish to buy our own land. We wanted to build up our own retreat center with the possibility to live a sustainable life. A group of seven friends moved to Uruguay to look for a suitable property. After one year of searching they bought the land which has grown over the last 4 years into a small Eco village.

Who is living now at Retreat Center Irum?
Currently there are ten people living permanently at Retreat Center Irum. Throughout the year many friends come for short or extended visits. Scroll down to see the individual inhabitants and read their stories:



“The art of friendship: Beloved friend of heart and soul, you are the other me. Being a real friend, the base is to be a real friend to myself, from there I can expand this friendship to the friends around. This is a discovery, a journey into the acceptance of the heart into universal beingness. Welcome!’
Your Friend, Prem Shakti”


I live for relaxation and intensity. I wish to be at ease and real, spontaneous, being in the moment, here and now. To live an adventurous life. I live to be in tune with existence. To create and invent in Love and Bliss. To sink and let go. To be ecstatic and free. I wish to see our creation flowering.  To dissolve in ecstasy through meditation. Experiencing oneness and aloneness. I wish to devote my energies to higher consciousness. To forget myself and to remember. Let my talents grow and become less identified with them. I wish to enjoy the pure nature. I wish to live a healthy, loving and enlightening life!”


“Since eighteen years I live in different communes. They were all inspired and founded by our spiritual friend Pan. He showed me a different way of living together with friends. A life centered in love, observation and meditation. A life with a lot of laughter and celebration. After fourteen years living with him in Germany we moved with a few friends to Uruguay to start a new commune, on our own land, in the middle of nature.

I love this place with its wild beauty. It is incredibly beautiful to be closely connected to the land and all the animals on it. The elements are very strong present here. The rocky earth which gives a strong grounding, the ever running water in the rivers around us. They are very wild and powerful in spring and a soft and cool refreshment in the summer heat. The sun which warms us even in winter. The wind, always present, reminding me to stay centered, not to be blown away.

I cannot imagine a better way of living together than in a spiritual commune, where everyday there is a meeting of friends, joy, laughter, sometimes also tears, an ongoing celebration of being alive in the body. It is never boring or predictable, every day a new surprise, a new way of looking at life.

This commune is based on meditation, on reflection, on love which is for me the only real foundation for living together in friendship. It is beautiful to share the best I find in myself with my friends, to support each other in the journey of discovering who we really are.

After many years of building up this place, now is the time to become more creative again. It is the time for art, music, theater, dancing and enjoyment. It is the time to open the doors and share this creativity with everybody who is interested. It is the time to make a big party, to celebrate life! It is the time to welcome you all in our retreats!”


“We were traveling across Uruguay in search of a land where we had the vision to set up a community based on Oshoโ€™s vision of the โ€˜new manโ€™. After many months looking at one property after the other we felt drawn to the Quebrada de los Cuervos. This area is very unique with clean rivers, lots of wild life and far enough from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We had the choice of buying a degraded, overgrazed, eroded piece of land with very poor soil, hardly any trees, clearly abused by many generations of mismanagement or we would buy a prime piece of land in the heart of the nature reserve with lots of trees, good soil, hardly affected by human intervention. We chose the first option, taking up the challenge to transform the badly degraded land into a thriving, fertile, regenerated land by pouring our love into it. I felt this as a commitment which might last for the rest of my life.

I love to see the effects of our input: more fertility, more biodiversity and more wild life. I gives me joy to see buildings and infrastructure arising which makes life here more enjoyable and enhances the beauty. It feels like a genuine alternative to the destructive ways of society.

I would love to see more ponds appearing, better pastures, many more trees, beautiful homes, tended gardens, food forests, cows, sheep, pigs, carpinchos, fish and horses. It is beautiful to live in such close contact with nature and be able to follow the hearts desires.”


“I live here to come to know something new, something unknown. To step out of my conditioned life. I live here to come to know my real self. To live with friends which have the same wish. To come to know, or better to remember love, trust, awareness and friendship.
I love to create in nature with nature. I love growth, I love animals, I love to take care of humans, plants and animals. I love to see their well-being. I love to live with friends which help me to discover my true nature, which accept me the way I am, so that I can show all the facets of myself. To expand in trust and unconditional love. I love to be out of society. I love to have an easy life, to make it homey for body and soul. To create comfort, luxury and beauty. I wish to work together, share time, work and at the same time have the freedom to do or not to do, to follow what feels good in the moment.
I would love to have children around, to let them grow up in an for society unknown set up. I love to eat organic food and live in natural buildings. I love music and dancing and I love integrating this in my daily life, like meditation. I really love to live here in the pampas!”


“For many years I was searching for a place where everything that I love comes together. I love the inner work of practicing meditations to become more present and more loving. I also love the outer work to come close to my friends and to heal mother earth. It is very precious to live with people that have the same which to come close, to find inner and outer peace.
I have lived for two and a half years with Pan in Germany. This was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. To see Pan daily sharing his compassion is still a miracle to me. It touches me deeply that there are beings who dedicate their whole life to the well-being of others. Since two years I moved to Uruguay. It is for me a dream coming true, to live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and living in a close, warm connection with my friends. Now I can finally do something with my own hands, to heal the earth, to make a small contribution for the well-being of this planet. This fills me with joy and gratitude.”


‘It is so beautiful to live together with friends. Together we create an atmosphere of love and trust. An atmosphere where one feels the courage to simply open up to each other and discover what friendship really is. It is an invitation to find your real self and to become aware of what is happening in the mind. This process brings me much closer to myself and to my friends. So that’s why for me a place of friendship, Irum is the most fantastic and creative space to live in.’


‘Living at Retreat Center Irum is for me the possibility to learn living a contentful life. Where all my actions are in accordance with the inner and therefore in tune with my surrounding. There is a lot to unlearn, but also so many much more rewarding things to learn. Retreat Center Irum is providing the space for this unfolding of human potential, on the outside and on the inside ;-)’


‘It is really far out to have built up a place where everything is possible in the middle of wild intense nature. With meditation added to this amazing outer scenery there are gaps of deep peace. Some call it Love. I also call it Home. The guidance in my life from Pan and Lalla, two spiritual friends, helps me a lot to accept the states of mind I find myself in. I wish very much that others can now visit and enjoy this commune, this place of retreat far away from a mad repressive society, which made me always want to reach somewhere. Because of that I hoped in the past for an outer revolution. A collapse of the political system. I said in those times to somebody: if this revolution does not come in the next two years I am going to built up an ashram. Sometimes I still cannot believe it happened: wow I really helped building an ashram ๐Ÿ™‚ I have now more often the realization ‘The Revolution’ is an inside happening. It is beyond the human mind. It is again and again being and coming back home to the New Now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looking forward to meet you in Uruguay!’


“Many years ago I suddenly felt a strong wish to live together with a group of friends… It came to me that healing is very much needed and wanted and that this healing could happen by discovering love and trust among friends. Not long after this wish appeared, existence arranged to meet with many young people carrying the same wish ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Since that moment a beautiful miraculous journey has been unfolding, simply happening by itself, showing me a life in love beyond my imagination! More and more sides of myself that I didn’t know about popped up along the way and I’m very grateful to start to understand myself in a whole new unknown self-accepting way.
Many of those young people that I met became member of the commune in Germany and later on a part of this group made the move to Uruguay, including myself. Now I’m living since almost 4 years in the crazy incredible beautiful amazing stunning place and feel very happy here. I absolutely love the life on the country side, far away from the cities, where silence is really silent and dark is really dark. One can see so many stars! It’s really beautiful to live in and around nature and animals!
Building up a new place out of nothing has been a huge learning opportunity. I’m actually learning every day what it means to simply live and enjoy life! To take care of my needs in an easy relaxed way, in trust and gratitude.
I feel very grateful to Pan and Lalla for guiding us into this magical journey of discovering love and friendship. I wish that everybody may discover this for him/herself!”